April 18, 2019

What’s New with Canalway Trail? Sasha Eisenstein from NY Canal Corp Explains

What’s coming with the new NY Canalway Trail? Sasha Eisenstein, trail manager with New York State Canal Corporation, explains how this will drive tourism and economic […]
April 17, 2019

Assemblyman John Salka responds to Ballot Voting Concerns raised by Zecca & Poccia

Assemblyman John Salka, R-Broofield, explains what he plans to do to prevent potential illegal voting after Jim Zecca and Lou Poccia raised concerns about invalid affidavit […]
April 17, 2019

Did Voter Fraud Occur? Jim Zecca & Lou Poccia Question Handling of Affidavit Ballots in Oneida Co.

Did voter fraud occur? Jim Zecca and Lou Poccia from Mohawk Valley Citizens for Election Integrity explain why they believe invalid affidavit ballots were counted in […]
April 17, 2019

Historian Frank Tomaino Looks Back at Utica’s Mayors in New Series for Utica OD

Historian Frank Tomaino takes a look back at Utica’s many mayors (and village presidents) in new series for the Utica Observer-Dispatch newspaper.