Utica Man who Stabbed his Grandmother and Set her Apartment on Fire to be Sentenced in Court Today
December 9, 2019
Utica Police Investigating Domino’s Delivery Driver who was Hit in the Head with a Pistol by a Man in a Ski Mask
December 9, 2019

Road Rage Incident Involving U-Haul Truck in Hartwick Under Investigation

State Police say a road rage incident in Hartwick Sunday started with a u-turn, continued with a tailgating and brake checking, and ended with a driver getting into the U-Haul truck a UPS employee was driving while the worker was getting packages out of the back and driving the U-Haul a short distance.

That driver is charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. Nothing was taken, there was no damage, and the investigation is ongoing.


Joleen Ferris: WKTV Newschannel 2