January 3, 2020

Lindsay Bonanza Explains What’s Next with Controversial Kelberman Center Project in South Utica

Lindsay Bonanza of Save South Utica’s Neighborhoods returns to explain what’s next with the controversial Kelberman Center housing project in South Utica, including ongoing demolitions, plus […]
November 8, 2019

Bob DeSanctis Explains Utica Council 3rd Ward Loss & Lack of Political Engagement

Councilman Robert DeSanctis explains why he believes he lost reelection to the Utica Common Council 3rd Ward in South Utica, and regrets the lack of political […]
October 28, 2019

UTICA WARD 3 – Robert DeSanctis’ Final Words in ReElection Bid

UTICA WARD 3 –  ROBERT DESANCTIS offers final pitch in Re-Election bid to represent South Utica on Utica Common Council, despite the controversy surrounding the Kelberman […]