September 23, 2020

Mayor Jackie Izzo Explains Why City of Rome is Rising (despite COVID)

Mayor Jackie Izzo highlights growing economic development in the City of Rome, including Orgill, jobs and housing opportunities, despite revenue shortfalls from Coronavirus.
August 31, 2020

Rep. Anthony Brindisi on Defunding Police, Taxes, Postal Service and CharlesTown Fire

Congressman Anthony Brindisi explains why he doesn’t support “defunding” the police, and shares his thoughts on Taxes, the U.S. Postal Service debate and the CharlesTown fire […]
August 21, 2020

David Frisk of Alexander Hamilton Institute Reacts to Biden DNC Speech and Progressive Agenda

David Frisk, a fellow resident at the Alexander Hamilton Institute, reacts to Joe Biden’s Democratic Nomination acceptance speech and how the Progressive Agenda will impact this […]
August 21, 2020

Claudia Tenney Reacts to Biden Speech, Post Office Debate and New Brindisi “BS” Ad

NY-22 Congressional candidate Claudia Tenney shares her thoughts about Joe Biden’s nomination speech and the debate surrounding the U.S. Postal Service, and explains why her new […]