July 4, 2019

Over 80% of facial recognition suspects flagged by London’s Met Police were innocent, report says

iStock/pixinoo(LONDON) -- A new independent report claims that 81% of suspects flagged by facial recognition technology used by London's Metropolitan Police were innocent. The study was commissioned by Scotland Yard and researchers from the University of Essex. Live Facial Recognition (LFR) has been used by the police in various trials to monitor crowds since 2016. This is the first independent report into the use of the technology, which suggests there are "significant operational shortcom..
July 3, 2019

Stromboli volcano in Italy, near Sicily, erupts, killing 1 and injuring 2

MaRabelo/iStock(NEW YORK) -- The Stromboli volcano on an island off the southern coast of Italy erupted violently with little warning Wednesday, sending an enormous cloud of ash two kilometers high and volleys of small pieces of lava across its slopes. Two eruptions were reported, followed by 20 smaller seismic tremors. A hiker who was walking on one of the mountain's many trails was killed, and two other people were reported injured, according to Italy's Civil Protection Agency. Frigh..
July 3, 2019

Russia says submarine involved in deadly fire is a top secret vessel

KSENIYA GAPONKO/AFP/Getty Images(MOSCOW) -- The Russian military submarine where 14 sailors were killed in a fire is a top secret vessel and will not be identified, the Kremlin said. Russian media reports have increasingly suggested that it was a secretive nuclear-powered submersible used for deep water exploration and perhaps spying. Russia’s military on Tuesday announced the sailors’ deaths, but said the fire had occurred the day before when one of its submersibles was conducting scientific te..
July 3, 2019

Total solar eclipse seen over South America

Lucie McCormick/ABC News(CORONEL BAIGORRIA, Argentina) -- Nearly two years after the "Great American Eclipse" of 2017, crowds were wowed by another total solar eclipse as it appeared over Argentina on Tuesday. Lined up along a field in Espinillo, a parish in northern Argentina, dozens of spectators, adorned in solar glasses and sipping on maté tea, stood with telescopes. Jessica Banks, a Waldorf kindergarten teacher from Portland, Oregon, was among them, and said she had also observed the North..