September 1, 2019

Pope rescued by firefighters after being stuck in an elevator for 25 minutes

iStock(VATICAN CITY) -- Pope Francis arrived 7 minutes late for his traditional noon appointment with the public in Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City on Sunday because he was stuck in an elevator for 25 minutes, according to the Associated Press. The Pope apologized to the crowd on Sunday after he had to be rescued by firefighters. “I have to beg your pardon”, he said while smiling. Pope Francis said that a “drop in tension” caused the elevator to block, apparently referring to electrical pow..
August 31, 2019

Despite battle with Congress, Trump administration slow-walking $4 billion in aid, including key funds for Ukraine

iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- After standing down in a battle with Congress over $4 billion in foreign assistance cuts, the White House is still slow-walking funds for those same programs in a move that threatens their full implementation, according to two sources. The decision is part of a larger fight over foreign aid between advocates, including senior Republicans and Democrats in Congress and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and fierce critics of it at the White House, led by acting Chief ..
August 31, 2019

‘Freedom of creation is something important for me’: Hong Kong artist describes depicting protests

iStock(HONG KONG) -- Amid the clash of police batons and protesters' rallying cries, at least one Hong Kong artist is laboring to prove the pen indeed is mightier than the sword. Twenty-five-year-old Kay Wong, who was born in Hong Kong, has documented through her artwork some of the summer's most critical moments: violent standoffs between police and protesters, an international airport forced to ground its planes and the plight of everyday citizens through it all. "I think the freedom..
August 30, 2019

Inside the history of one of London’s most iconic landmarks: Piccadilly Circus

stockinasia/iStock(LONDON) — Very few -- if any -- of the hundreds of thousands of Londoners who take the London Underground through Piccadilly Circus every day think about what’s beneath their feet. But behind the locked doors is a warren of vacant passages and platforms. Siddy Holloway is the curator of Hidden London tours for the London Transport Museum. She told ABC News that the most common reaction to this secret side of the capital is "awe." The original, defunct Piccadilly Circus, which ..