June 21, 2019

FAA prohibits ‘all US carriers’ from flying over Iran as tensions rise

AlexeyPetrov/iStock(WASHINGTON) -- The Federal Aviation Administration has prohibited "all U.S. carriers and commercial operators" from flying over the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, near Iran, in the wake of the country shooting down an unmanned drone early Thursday. The FAA announced the decision, called a notice-to-airman, or NOTAM, alert, late Thursday. "All flight operations in the overwater area of the Tehran Flight Information Region (FIR) (OIIX) above the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman ..
June 21, 2019

Number of displaced people reaches new high of 70.8 million

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- More people than ever knew the hardship of being displaced from their homes on this year's World Refugee Day, which took place Thursday. According to a new report released by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, by the end of 2018 there were 70.8 million people forcibly displaced from their homes. That figure represents more people than the population of Thailand, the 20th most populous country, according to U.N. figures from 2017. It marks a dramatic incr..
June 21, 2019

Trump says Iranian shootdown of US military drone may have been a ‘mistake’

U.S. Navy photo by Erik Hildebrandt(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump said Thursday that the Iranian shootdown of an American drone may have not have been intentional, but a "mistake" by someone "stupid." Trump spoke following a morning meeting with his top national security advisers after Iran, in what appeared to have been a major provocation, shot down what the U.S. military said was an unarmed and unmanned U.S. RQ-4A Global Hawk drone flying in international airspace over the Gulf of Oma..
June 20, 2019

Putin warns U.S. over Iran in annual call-in show

Adam Berry/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Amid increased tensions between Iran and the U.S., Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the U.S. that a military conflict with Iran would be “catastrophe” and said that Iran was observing its commitments under the Iran nuclear deal. Speaking during his annual phone-in event, Putin said that he was concerned by the shooting down of an American drone by Iran this week and worried that the U.S. had no ruled out using military force against Tehran in the ongoi..