October 22, 2019

Meet Victor the cameraman eagle capturing the climate crisis

Piotr Krzeslak/iStock(NEW YORK) -- The images are stunning, but the cause is bittersweet. Victor the cameraman eagle soars over the Alps with a GoPro on his back to catalogue the impact of temperature rise on Western Europe’s highest mountain range. But the Eagle Wings Foundation, who organizes Victor's flights, also hopes that the videos will inspire people to care more about the environment. “We want to raise attention about climate change,” Ronald Menzel told ABC News. “Glaciers are disa..
October 22, 2019

Police to travel to US to interview Anne Sacoolas in Harry Dunn collision case

BrianAJackson/iStock(LONDON) -- The U.K. police department in charge of investigating the traffic collision that killed a British teenager sparking a diplomatic row have said they will be travelling to the U.S. to interview Anne Sacoolas, the American diplomat's wife who was involved in a crash. Chief Constable Nick Adderley of Northamptonshire Police said that officers would be travelling to the U.S. to interview the suspect, although they did not name her in the press conference. “The sus..
October 22, 2019

Pentagon weighs keeping US troops near Syrian oil fields

omersukrugoksu/iStock(WASHINGTON) -- There have been internal discussions about possibly keeping some U.S. troops in eastern Syria near oil fields, Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters in Afghanistan on Monday, but he added that no options had been presented to President Donald Trump. Hours later, the president seemed to indicate support for the idea when he told reporters at a cabinet meeting that it would not be necessary to keep American troops in Syria, "other than that we secure the..
October 21, 2019

Congo’s Ebola outbreak, now concentrated in a gold mining area, remains a global emergency: WHO

Cesare Ferrari/iStock(LONDON) — The World Health Organization says the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo continues to pose an international emergency as the deadly virus emerges in a remote gold mining area. The global health arm of the United Nations convened its technical advisory committee on Friday to review the situation since first declaring the Ebola epidemic -- the second-deadliest in history -- a "public health emergency of international concern" on ..