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September 3, 2018

Brazil suffers incalculable loss after a massive fire engulfs its 200-year-old National Museum

ABC News(RIO DE JANEIRO) -- A fire destroyed an entire collection of more than 20 million historical pieces at Brazil's National Museum in Rio de Janeiro Sunday night -- including a 12,000-year-old fossil called Luzia which is the oldest dated skeleton in the Americas -- an incalculable loss for the Brazilian people. "For us [Brazilian people], Luzia is the ultimate Brazilian," Ana Cristina, a 45-year-old who works for the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro state, told ABC News. "Every Brazilia..
September 3, 2018

Man suspected of ‘terrorist motive’ in stabbing of American tourists in Amsterdam acted alone: Police

iStock/Thinkstock(AMSTERDAM) -- A 19-year-old Afghan man who allegedly stabbed two American tourists in Amsterdam's bustling, main train station is believed to have acted alone, authorities said. The suspect, identified only as Jawed S., is expected to make his first appearance in court on Monday as police probe whether a "terrorist motive" was behind the apparently unprovoked attack Friday, officials said. No group has claimed involvement in the attack. The suspect allegedly stabbed the..
September 3, 2018

Suspect with ‘terrorist motive’ who allegedly stabbed 2 Americans still being questioned

iStock/Thinkstock(AMSTERDAM) -- The man suspected of having a "terrorist motive" when he stabbed two American tourists in Amsterdam was still being interrogated Sunday by investigators, Dutch authorities told ABC News. The 19-year-old suspect, whom police only identified as Jawed S., was allegedly responsible for Friday's stabbing in the busy main railway station of Amsterdam, police said. He has a temporary German residence permit and was in the process of obtaining a permanent one, offi..
September 1, 2018

Right-wing protests fueled by anti-immigrant sentiment continue in Germany

Sarah Hucal/ABC News(CHEMNITZ, Germany) -- In the eastern German city of Chemnitz, the site of continued far-right protests and clashing counter-demonstrations, there has hardly been moment's rest. Although the gatherings on Saturday were largely peaceful, the atmosphere was tense: a representation of two Germanys -- one embracing of multiculturalism and the other still incensed by migration policy under Chancellor Angela Merkel, especially her 2015 decision to welcome 1 million refugees. I..