September 6, 2019

Robert Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years until his ouster, dies at 95

sihuo0860371/iStock(HARARE, Zimbabwe) -- Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean liberator who ruled the African country as a dictator for nearly 40 years, died Friday at the age of 95. A former school teacher turned revolutionary, Mugabe served more than a decade in prison for political crimes against the minority white government in the 1960s. In 1980, after a seven-year civil war, he was elected prime minister in Zimbabwe’s first free elections. He supported the redistribution of white-controlled land ..
September 6, 2019

Taliban kill US service member, others in Kabul bombing as talks resume

KeithBinns/iStock(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- The Taliban killed 10 civilians and two NATO service members -- including one American -- in a deadly blast in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Thursday, even as the chief U.S. negotiator was returning to Qatar to resume talks with the militant group. While the U.S. is closing in on an agreement with the Taliban, the attack marks the group's second major bombing this week and the 16th American service member killed in combat in the country this year. These si..
September 6, 2019

US woman faces human trafficking charges after allegedly hiding baby in bag at Philippine airport

iStock(NEW YORK) -- A Utah woman is now facing a possible life sentence in the Philippines after she allegedly tried to sneak a baby out of the country in a closed bag at the airport in Manila, according to authorities. Jennifer Talbot, 43, had passed through immigration on Wednesday but she was stopped at a Delta boarding gate by airline personnel who inquired about her oversize carry-on sling bag, Philippine authorities told ABC News on Thursday. "[Talbot] passed through the immigration counte..
September 5, 2019

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he’d ‘rather be dead in a ditch’ than delay Brexit

iStock(LONDON) -- U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose younger brother resigned from Parliament on Wednesday over the issue of leaving the EU, said he'd "rather be dead in a ditch" than go to ask Brussels for a delay to Brexit. Johnson was asked by a reporter if he could promise not to delay Brexit after making a speech in front of police recruits in West Yorkshire. "Yes, I can. I'd rather be dead in a ditch," Johnson said. When asked if he would resign rather than delay, he declin..