November 13, 2018

UK police arrest ‘Ross from Friends’ look-alike

Blackpool Police(LONDON) -- The "Ross Gellar look-alike" wanted by a regional English police force has been found after a weeks-long search. "Do you recognize this man?" Blackpool Police asked in a Twitter post, appealing to the public to help identify a man caught on CCTV camera and wanted in connection with a suspected robbery. Many remarked on the suspect's uncanny resemblance to the character Ross Gellar from Friends, played by American actor David Schwimmer. that’s ross gellar, sir pi..
November 13, 2018

Saudi Arabian official ‘shocked’ by audio recording of Khashoggi’s murder: Erdogan

Getty Images(ISTANBUL) -- A Saudi Arabian intelligence official was "shocked" after listening to an audio recording of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi's murder during a recent visit to Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. Erdogan described the content of the recording as a "calamity" and insisted that Riyadh take decisive action against Khashoggi's alleged killers, according to a report in Turkey's Hurriyet Daily newspaper. Speaking to local media Mon..
November 13, 2018

Less than 1% of migrant caravan may reach border near San Diego in five days

ULISES RUIZ/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Approximately 100 of an estimated 11,000 migrants, less than 1 percent of those U.S. officials are tracking across four groups, may reach the U.S. border south of San Diego on Sunday. The overwhelming majority of those from Central America fleeing hardship on foot are hundreds of miles away, weeks from nearing U.S. soil. A U.S. official speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed to ABC News that border authorities are girding for the first group of..
November 12, 2018

Khashoggi recordings being used as ‘political game,’ French foreign minister says

Jack Taylor/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- A diplomatic dispute broke out between France and Turkey after French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian accused Ankara of playing political games in the murder of Saudi journalist and Washington Post writer, Jamal Khashoggi. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed over the weekend that Turkey gave tape recordings related to Khashoggi's killing to the United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France and Britain, according to The Associated Press. ..