November 12, 2018

Amid stalled talks, North Korea keeps developing secret ballistic missile sites

CSIS/Beyond Parallel/DigitalGlobe 2018(WASHINGTON) -- Newly-released commercial satellite imagery suggests North Korea is continuing to develop ballistic missile sites at more than a dozen locations, amid stalled discussions over the country's nuclear weapons program between North Korea and American diplomats. The images, taken earlier this year, of the Sakkanmol missile operating base were released on Monday by the Beyond Parallel project, part of the Washington, D.C.-based think tank call..
November 12, 2018

10 Palestinian militants, Israeli commando killed in Gaza following botched Israeli military operation

iStock/Thinkstock(TEL AVIV, Israel) -- Seven Palestinians and an Israeli commando were killed when an Israeli special forces operation that appeared to go terribly wrong in the Gaza strip Sunday night. After hours of calm, a barrage of rockets was fired from Gaza into Israel on Monday afternoon. The Israeli military says 200 launches were sent toward Israel, and the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted at least 60. The others landed in open areas, according to the military. The Israeli ..
November 12, 2018

Thousands raised for homeless man who intervened in Melbourne terror attack

Instagram/@nohsoohyun86(MELBOURNE, Australia) -- Tens of thousands of dollars have been raised for a homeless man in Melbourne, Australia, after a video showed his attempt to help police officers during a violent attack last week by running towards a knife-wielding man with a shopping cart. The man, who has been identified as Melbourne resident Michael Rogers, 46, was widely praised in the media, earning the nickname "Trolley Man" in the Australian press. On Nov. 9, Shire Ali, 30, allegedly se..
November 11, 2018

Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron show liberal unity on Armistice Day

Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images(PARIS) -- As Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron stood hand in hand at Compiegne just outside Paris, it was the first time German and French leaders had publicly gathered at the spot where the Armistice was agreed upon a century ago. “United,” the single word in a tweet by President Macron to describe the relationship. It was a moment intended for the solemn remembrance of the end of World War I, but as Europe’s two centrist leaders stood alone in the rain, it was a s..