May 12, 2019

Myanmar National Airlines flight miraculously lands safely with no front landing gear

ABC News(MANDALAY, Myanmar) -- Passengers on a Myanmar National Airlines flight have a brilliant flight crew to thank for miraculously landing safely after the plane's front landing gear failed to deploy. Flight UB103 touched down at Mandalay International Airport at 9:09 a.m. local time with all 82 passengers and seven crew members able to safely evacuate the plane after it scraped its nose down the runway and came to a perfect stop. On approach, the captain tried to deploy the front landi..
May 11, 2019

Egyptian woman goes on hunger strike after son killed by celebratory gunfire at wedding

Getty Images (CAIRO) -- Pictures, paintings and drawings of a smiling 13-year-old who was killed by celebratory gunfire adorn the Cairo home of Marwa Kenawy, a heartbroken mother who is relentlessly calling for justice for her son. Youssef El-Arabi was struck in the head by machine gun rounds fired from a nearby wedding on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital two years ago, falling into a coma before succumbing to his wounds 12 days later. Four people received sentences of up to seven years in ..
May 11, 2019

US deporting more and more people to Eritrea – a country it says tortures and kills its citizens

Pacific Press via Getty Images, FILE(NEW YORK) -- As the U.S. remains locked in a debate over asylum seekers from Central America, lawyers and advocacy groups say they are seeing an alarming uptick in deportations to the African nation of Eritrea -- a country that President Donald Trump's government acknowledges arbitrarily imprisons and tortures its own citizens. The plight of Eritrean refugees, while relatively small, strikes at the heart of the ongoing dispute in America over who is enti..
May 10, 2019

French forces rescue American during raid to free tourists in Burkina Faso

iStock/MicroStockHub(PARIS) -- French soldiers led a raid to rescue two tourists who had been kidnapped in the West African country of Burkina Faso, and ended up also freeing an American and a South Korean who they were unaware were being held. Several U.S. officials told ABC News that the U.S. government was unaware until Friday that the American woman was being held. The raid resulted in the death of two French soldiers. The two former French hostages and Korean hostage were brought to the Pre..