June 26, 2018

North, South Korea moving on joint projects including reunions of families

iStock/Thinkstock(SEOUL) -- A mass reunion of families separated by the North-South Korea border. Restoration of severed military communications lines. Joint transportation projects between the two countries. North and South Korean officials are charging ahead with these and other initiatives to capitalize on the recent momentum for peace and cooperation between their respective governments. South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have met twice this year followed ..
June 25, 2018

London astronomers turn eyes to the skies again after 60-year break

Royal Observatory Greenwich AMAT(LONDON) -- After a 60-year hiatus, astronomers at the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London are studying the sky again. The observatory, which is home to the Prime Meridian of the World and Greenwich Mean Time, has installed a new telescope that will allow astronomers to study the surface of the sun, star clusters and perhaps even exploding stars in other galaxies. The telescope is named after Annie Maunder, one of the first women scientists to work at the Royal ..
June 25, 2018

New works on migrants by street artist Banksy discovered in Paris

Chesnot/Getty Images(PARIS) -- Seven new works attributed to provocative street artist Banksy have been discovered in recent days in Paris, including one near a former center for migrants at the city's northern edge, according to art website Artistikrezo. The elusive British street artist appears to have taken aim at the French government's crackdown on migrants in the series of new murals, in particular with one work - the first discovered - depicting a girl spray-painting a wallpaper..
June 25, 2018

Turkey’s Erdogan renews hold on power with election victory

Mustafa Kirazli/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan celebrated a sweeping re-election victory after a hard-fought campaign that proved to be his most challenging political battle after nearly 15 years in power. Erdogan declared victory overnight, just a few hours after polls closed on Sunday evening. "The winner of this election is each and every individual among my 81 million citizens," he said. According to official results, Erdogan took 53 percent of the vote,..