November 27, 2019

American held in Russian jail for 2 years over a cleaning product faces fateful court hearing

Gaylen Grandstaff(MOSCOW) -- A Moscow court on Wednesday will rule whether to uphold the release of an American man who was freed from a Russian jail in March after spending almost two years in detention while on trial over a cleaning product he bought online. Gaylen Grandstaff, a 52-year-old English teacher from Texas, was arrested in July 2017 and taken from his home in Moscow where he lived with his wife, Anna, after police charged him with drug smuggling over a metal solvent cleaner. For 60..
November 26, 2019

Doctor describes fighting to save her people in underground hospital ‘targeted’ by Assad regime

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- In the western tip of Syria, airstrikes were a constant. President Bashar al Assad has waged war against his own people since 2011, aided by Russia's military. The scale of terror and loss of life has been enormous; by some estimates, nearly 500,000 people have lost their lives and 6.6 million have been displaced. Hospitals particularly became targets and, in 2013, a small group of doctors decided to go underground, 65 feet below the surface, to a subterranean, makeshi..
November 26, 2019

Search continues for jewel thieves after ‘targeted and prepared’ strike on German museum

huettenhoelscher/iStock(DRESDEN, Germany) — Dresden, Germany, is still reeling more than a day after a spectacular heist in which robbers made off with precious diamonds and jewels from one of the world's oldest museums. Police said it's unlikely the thieves who struck the Gruenes Gewoelbe, or Green Vault, on Monday were amateurs. "All in all, the circumstances point to a targeted and prepared crime," said Criminal Councilor Olaf Richter, who's working on the investigation. Their ..
November 26, 2019

Conservative party accused of peddling disinformation ahead of UK election

mammuth/iStock(LONDON) -- While American eyes were focused on the Trump impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill last week, the U.K. has been embroiled in a political scandal of its own. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing an election on Dec. 12 and this week his Conservative party has been accused of peddling disinformation on both Twitter and Google. Information disorder -- the proliferation of fake news in various forms (whether intentionally false or not) -- has emerged as a key issue..