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April 13, 2019

Prostitution coming under scrutiny in Amsterdam, red-light capital of the world

Lukas Schulze - UEFA / Contributor / Getty Images(AMSTERDAM) -- Amsterdam has long been held as the model for the modern sex industry, with prostitution legalized and rebranded as part of the leisure industry. Until now, that is. The tide is changing in the Netherlands, a small European country, nestled northwest of Germany on the North Sea, as over 45,000 mostly young people have signed a petition pushing to discourage prostitution by penalizing those who pay for sex -- despite objection from t..
April 12, 2019

American doctor shot 3 times while on mission trip in Haiti is recovering

Courtesy Drew Pasler(MIAMI) -- An American doctor is recovering after he was shot three times during a mission trip to help schoolchildren in Haiti last week. Dr. Doug Burbella, 58, and a group of missionaries working under Living Water Ministries were on their way to deliver $20,000 worth of computers and servers to a school in Anse-Rouge on April 4. They had been in the country for only four hours when their trucks were suddenly roadblocked by a group of about 150 Haitian men, Burbella said. ..
April 12, 2019

How Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning became intertwined

Jack Taylor/Getty Images(LONDON) -- It's been a little more than nine years since Chelsea Manning first contacted Wikileaks and provided Julian Assange's organization with hundreds of thousands of classified documents and a video of an Apache helicopter strike that killed Iraqi insurgents and two photographers working for Reuters. Their life stories have been intertwined since the pair first contacted each other over the internet, but they have never met in person. The story of how M..
April 12, 2019

Assange fears being beaten up in US prison, called Trump crowd ‘clowns’: Visitor

Jack Taylor/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- After nearly seven years holed up inside the cramped Ecuadorian Embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is dreading the prospect of violent attacks on him in an American prison, one of his regular visitors told ABC News' "The Investigation" podcast on Thursday. The interview was conducted one day after Assange's long-anticipated arrest by London police and court appearance on a 2012 bail jumping warrant and U.S. extradition request. ..