March 10, 2020

Russia’s parliament opens way for Putin to stay in power beyond 2024

Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images(MOSCOW) -- Vladimir Putin on Tuesday opened a way for him to remain in power long after his presidential term limits expire in 2024 as Russia's parliament voted to pass legislation allowing him to run for two more terms as president. Lawmakers in parliament's lower house voted to pass a constitutional amendment that would reset the count on Putin's current two presidential terms to zero. That would mean Putin, who is currently on his final presidential..
March 10, 2020

Two Americans killed in Iraq during anti-ISIS mission identified as Marine Raiders

scyther5/iStock(WASHINGTON) -- The Pentagon on Tuesday identified the two U.S. Marine Raiders killed in Iraq on Sunday during an anti-ISIS mission, a deadly reminder of the terror group's ongoing presence there. According to the U.S.-led coalition in Baghdad, the two Marines were "killed by enemy forces while advising and accompanying Iraqi Security Forces during a mission to eliminate an ISIS terrorist stronghold in a mountainous area of north central Iraq," officials said on Monday. Anoth..
March 10, 2020

US starts to withdraw troops from Afghanistan as peace negotiations face first delay

KeithBinns/iStock(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- The U.S. has started to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in compliance with its agreement with the Taliban, even as the peace process initiated by that deal faces its first delay and renewed violence across the country. Negotiations between the Taliban and other Afghans, including government officials, were scheduled to start Tuesday, but will not happen yet. They have so far been bogged down by political fighting among Afghan officials over who will be p..
March 9, 2020

Twenty-seven killed by alcohol poisoning in Iran trying to protect themselves from coronavirus

omersukrugoksu/iStock(NEW YORK) -- At least 27 people have died from alcohol poisoning in the Khuzestan and Alborz provinces of Iran trying to prevent infection of the coronavirus, Iranian news agencies reported on Monday. “Some of the citizens of Ahwaz had heard that drinking alcohol could help them fight the coronavirus, so they used it as a preventive measure,” said Ali Ehsanpour, spokesman of Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences, according to the Mehr News Agency. With the outbreak of Covid-..