May 20, 2024

Chris Mercurio & Jake DiBari Update Progress of Skatepark in Rome after Teen’s Tragic Death

May 14, 2024

Rome Mayor Jeff Lanigan talks Irate Citizen at City Hall, Honor America Days Returns and Debate over Proposed Amphitheater

April 18, 2024

Former Superintendent Peter Blake Reacts to 19 Teacher Job Cuts in Proposed Rome School Budget

April 15, 2024

Utica Mayor Mike Galime talks possible Veto of Traffic Island Removal and Animal Shelter Negotiations with Anita’s Stevens Swan & Wanderers’ Rest

April 4, 2024

Ilion Mayor John Stephens discusses Tax Increase & Revenue Challenges in Village Budget

March 1, 2024

Rome Mayor Jeff Lanigan discusses Police Stop & Update on ARPA and DRI Funding