June 19, 2024

Board of Elections Commissioners Shortell & Bormann discuss Early Voting for Primary Day, Mail-In Ballots and Need for Poll Workers

May 1, 2024

Sheriff Rob Maciol reacts to Monroe County DA’s Speeding Ticket Controversy, Drunk/Drugged Driving and Failure of Bail Reform

April 30, 2024

Chief Rick O’Meara of the Child Advocacy Center & Former DA Scott McNamara discuss Child Abuse Awareness and Preventing Trauma

April 11, 2024

Sheriff Rob Maciol talks Swatting Incident in Kirkland, Gun Rights in Your Home and Local Impact of Solar Eclipse

March 8, 2024

District Attorney Todd Carville explains Former Utica School District Superintendent Bruce Karam’s Guilty Plea to Public Corruption

May 21, 2021

County Executive Anthony Picente talks Vaccine Prizes, Mask Rules, Spending Relief Funds & Eminent Domain

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente talks Vaccine Prizes, changing Mask Rules, how Utica is spending its Relief Funds and challenges to Eminent Domain for Downtown Parking […]