June 13, 2024

Sheriff Rob Maciol explains New PBA Agreement with Road Patrol & 911 Dispatchers

June 7, 2024

Sheriff Rob Maciol reflects upon Deputy Wyman’s Death 13 Years Ago and New K9 Donations

May 1, 2024

Sheriff Rob Maciol reacts to Monroe County DA’s Speeding Ticket Controversy, Drunk/Drugged Driving and Failure of Bail Reform

April 19, 2024

Equal Time Debate: Should NY Abolish Qualified Immunity Legal Protections for Police?

April 11, 2024

Sheriff Rob Maciol talks Swatting Incident in Kirkland, Gun Rights in Your Home and Local Impact of Solar Eclipse

April 2, 2024

Oneida County Jail Union President Luis Roman talks Staffing Crisis and Free Fast Track Training for Corrections Officers at MVCC