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July 16, 2018

First Responders to Get Training on Dealing with Unknown Substances Tonight

1st responders will get critical training tonight in how to evaluate, triage and safely decontaminate equipment and personnel that come in contact with unknown substances suspected […]
July 16, 2018

Emergency Department at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown is Re-Open

The Emergency Department at Bassett Hospital, in Cooperstown, is back open. It was shut down for several hours yesterday after smoke filled the E.R. a mechanism in […]
July 16, 2018

Family and Friends Gather Along Mason Road in Sangerfield to Remember Teen Killed in Car Crash

Family and friends of 16-year-old Jonathan Beach, of Waterville, gathered along Mason Road, in Sangerfield, last night. That’s where Beach was killed in a car crash […]

National News

  • CVS manager calls police on black woman over coupon
    ABC News(CHICAGO) -- A black woman said a CVS store manager in Chicago called the police after questioning the legitimacy of her coupon -- and posted the confrontation on social media in a video that has gone viral. Camilla Hudson told ABC News that when she went into the CVS in Edgewater Glen Frida..
  • 3 police officers shot in Kansas City, rifle-wielding suspect killed: Officials
    (KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- A man suspected in a murder shot three police officers in Kansas City, Missouri, during a confrontation that began at a motel Sunday afternoon and ended with him being shot dead during a gunfight at a nearby home he had briefly barricaded himself in, authorities said. The shoot..
  • ‘Peace Day’ declared in honor of young poet who delivered inspirational messages before his death
    ABC News(ROCKVILLE, Md.) -- At a Peace Day celebration today in Rockville, Maryland, Mattie T. J. Stepanek was remembered. The memory of the boy, who died when he was 13 years old in 2004 of a rare form of muscular dystrophy, was honored Saturday by State Sen. Cheryl Kagan with a proclamation. It de..
  • Woman survives a week after crashing 200 feet off cliff in California
    Monterey County Sheriff's Office(LANCASTER, Calif.) -- An Oregon woman has a spectacular story of survival to tell after she crashed her Jeep off a cliff and survived for a week before being discovered by hikers on Friday. Andrea Hernandez, 23, was reported missing July 6 when she failed to sho..
  • Chicago police officer placed on desk duty after fatal shooting sparks protests
    ABC News(CHICAGO) -- Chicago police shot and killed a man Saturday night igniting protests in the city, clashes with cops and resulting in the officer being placed on desk duty just hours after the shooting. The protests led to multiple officers being injured, police said. Chicago Police Chief Fred ..
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World News

July 15, 2018

Girls robotics team says it won’t be cowed by ISIS threats: ‘We won’t surrender!’

ABC News(HERAT, Afghanistan) -- High school students in Afghanistan have spoken out against Taliban and ISIS insurgents who have threatened and targeted girl’s education in the country. ABC News was given rare access to a school in the western city of Herat. More than 6,000 students attend the all-girls school, including members of the Afghan girls robotics team. They made headlines last year when President Trump personally intervened to grant them visas to the United States, where they were due..
July 15, 2018

Dozens of passengers hospitalized after Ryanair flight plummets almost 30,000 feet -- Over 30 passengers were hospitalized, with some complaining about bleeding from their ears, after a Ryanair flight plummeted 28,000 feet in less than 10 minutes on Friday, according to authorities and flight tracking software. “I can safely say it was the most terrifying thing I ever experienced,” passenger Roxanne Brownlee told ABC News. A spokesperson from Ryanair said an “inflight depressurization” on the plane, which was carrying 189 people, from Dublin, Ireland, to Za..
July 15, 2018

ISIS insurgents in Afghanistan prove resilient against US Special Forces

ABC News(NANGARHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan) -- ABC News has been given exclusive access to U.S. Special Forces troops fighting on the frontlines against ISIS in Afghanistan. The small, elite unit of Green Berets is working alongside Afghan commandos to try to root out the insurgents from Nangarhar Province near the border with Pakistan. The conflict in Afghanistan is America’s longest war and despite successes, the insurgents have proven remarkably resilient, not least because of the sanctuary and..
July 14, 2018

Some of Russia’s neighbors worry about Trump’s meeting with Putin

Steffen Kugler/BPA/Getty Images(HELSINKI, Finland) -- When President Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, some countries that border Russia will watch with concern. Finland -- the host for the summit -- and Russia's neighbors in the Baltics will pay particular attention to any language by Trump on Ukraine, current and former senior European officials told ABC News. If Trump indicates that the U.S. may now recognize or accept Russia's annexation of Crimea -- perh..
July 14, 2018

Taliban insurgents pledge to continue fight in Afghanistan

ABC News(KABUL) -- Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan are saying they will never surrender until American troops leave the country. More than 6,000 insurgents are being held in the maximum-security jail outside the capital, Kabul. They are mostly members of the Taliban, the hardline religious group that ruled Afghanistan until the U.S.-led invasion following the 9/11 attacks. When the group’s leader, Mullah Omar, refused to hand over Osama bin Laden, who was hiding out in Afghanistan, they launche..
July 14, 2018

Boys rescued from cave in Thailand likely to be released Thursday

Linh Pham/Getty Images(CHIANG RAI, Thailand) -- The 12 boys rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand have less than a week before being released to the homes they haven't seen in almost a month. Officials at Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital said at a press conference early Saturday the boys are tentatively scheduled to be released on Thursday. The timeline would mean the first four boys would have spent 11 days in the hospital, while the second and third groups rescued would spend 10 days and..