August 18, 2020

American Heart Association’s Kathy McCarthy talks Good Sleep and Health

Kathy McCarthy with the American Heart Association discusses why getting a good night’s sleep is important to heart health and overall physical well-being.  
August 17, 2020

Former OD Publisher Donna Donovan discusses Troubling Outlook of Today’s Local Journalism

Donna Donovan, former publisher of the Utica Observer-Dispatch, looks back upon her experiences at the OD, shares her thoughts about the troubling state of today’s withering […]
August 17, 2020

Utica College Provost Todd Pfannestiel discusses Campus Reopening & COVID Testing

Utica College Provost Todd Pfannestiel explains UC’s reopening plans, and what they’ll be doing to test students for coronavirus.
August 14, 2020

Surviving COVID-19: Assemblyman Brian Miller Describes Fight Against Coronavirus Infection

Assemblyman Brian Miller of the 101st District returns to our studio for the first time after overcoming his battle against the Coronavirus, and explains what it […]